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HTML Based Emails

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What is HTML e-mail?

Using HTML in our e-mails allows us to provide a more graphically rich mailing that includes many things our students have asked for: pictures, color, better layout, graphics, hotlinks, and more.

Does my e-mail program accept HTML?

If you're not sure, then here's a quick hint: have you ever received an e-mail that included pictures or graphics? If so, then your e-mail program probably accepts HTML. Based on our findings, most of our students have e-mail applications that can accommodate HTML (Netscape Communicator 3.0 or higher, Microsoft Outlook 98, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Web-based e-mail such as Hotmail, etc.). Some people, though, use older programs that can only read plain-text messages. If your e-mail application cannot accommodate HTML based emails, we recommend upgrading to an e-mail application that does.

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