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R.E. Masters Course Descriptions
Course 201: Probate and the Foreclosure Process
This course has been designed to provide a basic understanding of the probate process for GRIs REALTORS® who have determined to work with probate properties or find themselves involved in a probate sale. In addition, today's economic situation has led to speculation that some lenders are going out of their way to provide 100% financing or making loans that may lead to foreclosure in the near future. Therefore, this course will also focus on informing the GRI REALTOR® of the steps involved in working with lender owned properties. Click For More

Course 202: Taxation of Transactions in Real Property
This course has been designed to provide a basic understanding of the various tax laws that should be taken into consideration by GRI REALTORS® who assist their clients in real property transactions. The purpose of this course is to give GRI REALTORS® a sufficient understand of real estate tax laws to recognize client tax issues and refer then to tax professionals for assistance. Click For More

Course 203: Tax, Financial and Estate Planning
This course has been designed to provide a basic understanding of the various tax, financial and estate planning techniques that should be taken into consideration by GRI REALTORS® to built, manage and retain their own personal wealth. Click For More

Course 204: Advanced Investment Property Analysis
This course details investment concepts, terminology, industry standard ratios, valuation approaches, Federal tax laws, and comprehensive case-study examples of discounted cash flow and internal rate of return analyses.   The detailed outline is loaded with easy-to-understand "real world" examples of powerful financial analysis techniques. Please bring a financial calculator to class (The instructor recommends the Hewlett Packard HP 10BII, HP 17BII or HP 12C). Click For More

Course 205: Marketing in the Internet Age
Both the Real Estate industry and World Wide Web have gone and are going through tremendous changes. The goals of this course are to introduce the student to these changes, and show how a new generation of Web applications (Web 2.0) is putting more information in the hands of consumers. Students will examine how this change is affecting the core of the relationship between consumer and REALTOR®, and what the new expectations are for REALTORS®. Click For More

Course 206: Winning Negotiation Techniques
This course was designed to provide participants with a review of negotiation fundamentals and to upgrade your skills in the art of negotiating real estate transactions.
Students will have an opportunity to explore the concept of "everything is negotiable" and learn about the many fears people have of negotiation, including the differences in expectations that people of different cultures have of the negotiation process. Examples and exercises are provided that cover many of the complexities involved in the negotiation of a real estate purchase agreement.

In the GRI course Essential Concepts of the C.A.R. Residential Purchase Agreement you were introduced to the primary parties to a contract, the general provisions affecting real estate purchase contracts, counter-offers, and given an explanation of some of the terms and conditions that are most frequently used by real estate agents in the industry today.  This course takes you beyond the Essentials and focuses on the art of deal-making. Click For More

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