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Kelly G. Richardson, Esq
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Kelly G. Richardson, Esq Kelly Richardson is a veteran trial lawyer with extensive experience in litigating major civil lawsuits, including real estate and construction defect cases. He is Managing Partner of Richardson & Harman, PC, a ten attorney firm based in Pasadena, with offices also in Costa Mesa and Riverside. A noted author and lecturer to the real estate, construction and common interest development industries, Mr. Richardson has practiced law since his 1983 graduation from the University of Southern California Law Center. He received his Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of California at Riverside in 1980, where he enrolled as a National Merit Scholar.

He is a licensed real estate broker, and member of the California Association of Realtors®, the National Association of Realtors®, and a member of the C.A.R. Legal Affairs Forum. He has represented and advised several Associations of Realtors®, as well as major and minor real estate developers, contractors, brokers and Realtors®.

He has received an AV® Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review rating reflecting the height of professional excellence and recognition for the highest levels of skill and integrity.

Mr. Richardson is a popular lecturer for attorney groups, Associations of Realtors®, real estate brokerages and community association industry groups. He is a regular columnist in over ten newspapers on community association issues, and also frequently contributes real estate law articles to local real estate publications.

You may contact him at KRichardson@RH4law.com, or visit his website, www.RH4Law.com, or his popular website for common interest developments, www.hoahomefront.com.

In addition to law practice, Mr. Richardson serves as a mediator and arbitrator for the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Kelly Richardson has been a member of the C.A.R. GRI State Faculty since 2000.

Student Comments
"Really, really enjoyed the class. It felt like it was just a few hours - because it was so interesting. I learned a lot."
- GRI course 112WEBINAR 2 04/19/2017
"fabulous class and great instructor..."
- GRI course 112WEBINAR 2 04/19/2017
"This class taught me a lot... stories and pictures helped me visualize what he was teaching. Awesome Instructor. "
- GRI course 112WEBINAR 2 04/19/2017
"The instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and a very good communicator. "
- GRI course 112WEBINAR 2 04/19/2017
"Excellent course. Instructor was positive and upbeat...had a thorough understanding of the material, was able to make complex issues simple, and provided a exceptional learning experience."
- GRI course 112WEBINAR 1 08/23/2016
"This course was a step above in quality, instructional prowess, and clarity."
- GRI course 112WEBINAR 1 08/23/2016
"Kelly Richardson did a great job. He was engaging and knowledgable. "
- GRI course 112WEBINAR 1 08/23/2016
"Kelly did a great job answering our questions and giving some common experience scenerios."
- GRI course 112WEBINAR 1 08/23/2016
"Kelly really made this an enjoyable class, and I took several ah ha's from it. Things I did not know, and things I should have known before now."
- GRI course 112WEBINAR 2 04/20/2016
"Great instructor! Great topic! Learned a lot."
- GRI course 112WEBINAR 2 04/20/2016
"Best instructor I've had in the GRI series. Hopefully will get another chance to have him as an instructor... top notch, A+!"
- GRI course 112, Laguna Hills 01/16/2015
"An excellent instructor- very experienced, informative - great humor - I learned a lot!"
- GRI course 112, Laguna Hills 01/16/2015
"Valuable information relevant to dealing with Real Estate matters-Highly recommend course to all agents."
- GRI course 112, Los Angeles 05/21/2014
"Outstanding, highly engaging, would highly recommend."
- GRI course 112, Los Angeles 05/21/2014
"Incredible information, and if you only took this one class you would be miles ahead of your competition!"
Robert Shimp
- GRI course 112, Laguna Hills 12/10/2010
"Incredible course filled with powerful pearls of information for my profession."
Richard Kelly
- GRI course 112, Palmdale 08/26/2010
"Kelly is professional, comitted and works closely with each and everyone of us at class!"
Bob Swanson
- GRI course 112, Thousand Oaks 08/20/2009
"Loved all the props, photos, attitude, real-life experience, all with great humor."
- GRI course 112, San Diego 05/01/2009
"...an amazing & articulate instructor. I would sign up for any course he teaches. A++"
Michelle Lynn Hellerud
- GRI course 112, San Diego 05/01/2009
"Exceptional Instruction...tremendous knowledge...an excellent course! "
Ray D. Martinez
- GRI course 112, Torrance 04/17/2009
"Instructor made sure the importance of the subject matter by giving alot of examples for easier understanding. Maximized instruction time, learned alot and made me more aware of my surroundings and the environment. "
- GRI course 112, Palmdale 03/06/2009
"Extremely enjoyable class, best use of props and visual aids to keep interest and establish learning. Great value in reducing agent and broker risks. "
Gerald Pepper
- GRI course 112, Palmdale 03/06/2009
"Excellent presentation! Mr. Richardson is an expert in his field; he is definitely an asset to the GRI program! "
Adelfo Sainz
- GRI course 112, Pasadena  10/03/2007
"Great class! ...great job of pointing out the relevancy to our day to day job as REALTORS."
- GRI course 112, Vista  08/09/2007
"Interesting! Informative! Mega useful info! Great!!! Well put!"
- GRI course 112, Vista  08/09/2007

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