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Jerry Kidd, GRI, CRS, CRB
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Jerry Kidd, GRI, CRS, CRB Jerry Kidd, GRI, CRS, CRB, SRES, ePRO, a 24 year veteran of the real estate industry and a licensed California Real estate Broker, has listed and sold houses, managed real estate offices and has also been the IT Director for a major Northern California real estate company. Jerry earned his GRI early in his real estate career, and then went on to earn his CRS and CRB setting the tone for a career long focus on the importance of continuing education.

Along the way Jerry has earned seven technology certifications - three Microsoft certifications, MCP, MCP+I and MCSE, as well as one from Cisco, CCNA. Rounding out his list of technology certifications are two from COMPTIA, an A+ and a Network+, as well as the ePRO from NAR.

Jerry is currently the owner of Jerry Kidd Training and Consulting, specializing in training brokers and agents in the effective and profitable use of social media marketing, as well as a California State Certified Instructor for the GRI program, presenting courses on money making strategies, technology and advanced technology applications.  Jerry is also a Buffini Certified Mentor and an instructor for the Social Media Marketing Institute.

Student Comments
"Jerry Kidd did a great job. He opened doors for me that I never knew existed on the internet. "
- GRI course 107WEBINAR 3 07/22/2016
"Jerry was great with Q&A. He did great with scenarios that related to Real Estate. I thought I was up on the technology since I do Facebook, twitter and instagram but this was very good and gave me more in depth information."
- GRI course 107WEBINAR 3 07/22/2016
"Very useful and informative. Instructor is so knowledgeable. I should have attended this class at the earliest stage of my career :)"
- GRI course 107WEBINAR 3 07/22/2016
"Excellent instructor- I wish he taught more classes so I could take them. I learned a great deal of valuable information."
- GRI course 107, San Jose  01/13/2015
"It was a wonderful technology class. Instructor Jerry was wonderful, Knowledgeable. Recommended to my colleagues."
Geeta Phadte
- GRI course 107, San Jose  01/07/2014
"Thank you! Excellent presentation! "
- GRI course 107, Fresno 07/19/2012
"Well done. Kept my interest. Valuable info that I plan to use immediately."
Desrie Van Putten
- GRI course 106, Fresno 06/28/2012
"A great class! Jerry you're superb!"
- GRI course 106, Fresno 07/22/2010
"A must for today's market."
- GRI course 106, Fresno 07/22/2010
"Very interesting presentation re: social networking/media...Demystified ----> I'm not afraid of it anymore. I will employ and utilize in personal & professional life."
Lynette Branch
- GRI course 107, San Luis Obispo 02/10/2010
"I wish I had taken this class 10 years ago - Very professional and helpful."
- GRI course 106, Santa Rosa 01/06/2010
"Great class - Great instructor!"
- GRI course 107, San Jose  01/05/2010
"I couldn't wait to return to class after lunch- Jerry is downright funny, interactive, informative & an obvious expert in optimizing all that is available in real estate technology. This is a must take class that I wish had been my first class in the GRI series though I've saved the best class for last."
Erika Burke
- GRI course 107, San Jose  01/05/2010
"I gathered a wealth of information, and now the challenge is get my head to stop spinning with the myriad of ideas that are careening around, and focus on implementing just one or two new ideas. …I enjoyed every minute…fantastic GRI Class. "
- GRI course 107, San Mateo 11/12/2009
"Jerry you rock!!! Great course - got a lot out of it and you are so tech. cool!!!"
Tina Binh Pham
- GRI course 107, Pleasanton 08/19/2009
"Great class! Information was presented in a basic, easy to understand format. Very pertinent to the market as it is today. "
- GRI course 107, Sacramento 06/11/2009
"Excellent class! Up to date and informative from start to finish. "
Ann Sullins
- GRI course 106, Visalia  03/25/2009
"One of the best courses I've ever taken, thank you Jerry Kidd! You are a master. "
- GRI course 107, San Jose  01/06/2009
"I disliked and misunderstood technology and was dreading this class. Jerry Kidd opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities to attract and keep clients and to make more money! I think this is a beginning of a love affair with technology. Thank you for the invaluable information. Professionally life changing! "
Benjamin Scott
- GRI course 107, San Mateo 11/20/2008
"Great! I am empowered "
- GRI course 107, San Mateo 11/20/2008
"Great instructor! Good information for the new agent who wants to get ahead of the game! "
Mimi Wang
- GRI course 107, Cupertino  07/22/2008
"I would have paid $1,000.00 for this class! The tips he gave will help me make thousands of dollars!!! "
- GRI course 107, Cupertino  07/22/2008
"Excellent class & instructor. Interesting & applicable information that I wil refer to many times in the future. I would recommend any class Jerry Kidd teaches."
Gretchen Merrick
- GRI course 107, San Jose  01/08/2008

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