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Carolyn V. D'Agosta, GRI
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Carolyn V. D Carolyn D'Agosta has owned and operated D'Agosta Realty in Northern San Diego County since 1973.  She served as President of the Escondido Board in 1978 and has remained on the Board of Directors, currently serving as Chairman of National Standards Committee.  In 1982 she was Regional Vice President of California Association of REALTORS® District 29.  Carolyn has been state Chairman of MLS, CREPAC, Board Legal Affairs and Communications committees, as well as serving on the Executive Committee in 1984, 1989 and 1993.  In 1990 she was elected honorary 'Director for Life'.  Carolyn has also served on the Professional Standards Committee at both the state and national levels, and as a National Director.  She has also served on National Association of REALTORS® 15 member sub-committee for interpretations of the code of ethics.  In 1992 she served on the special Presidential Advisory on agency and in 1993 she served as Vice Chairman of agency issues at N. A. R.

Student Comments
"Another excellent class with lots of insight from the instructor. Thank you."
Marvin E. Portillo
- GRI course 102, Corona 06/01/2012
"Another excellent class with lots of insight from the instructor. Thank you. "
Marvin E. Portillo
- GRI course 104, Corona 06/01/2012
"Excellent and informative! Great resources used."
- GRI course 100, Palm Springs 02/24/2010
"Outstanding communicator. To the point, informative & professional."
Richard Chamberlin
- GRI course 101, Vista  11/08/2007
"Very informative, upbeat. I am very happy to have taken this class. It really cleared a lot of questions on agency disclosures."
- GRI course 101, Vista  11/08/2007
"Excellent course! Carolyn is an AWESOME instructor."
Diane Holley
- GRI course 101, Vista  11/08/2007

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