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Steven A. Sokol, B.A., JD
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Steven A. Sokol, B.A., JD Steven A. Sokol is a practicing attorney in Calabasas, California. His practice focuses on real estate, business, and finance matters, including business formation and operation, transactions, administrative agency practice, probate, estates and trusts, and civil litigation. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the State Bar of California, the Association of Real Estate Attorneys, and other professional organizations, as well as a Master Instructor for the California Association of REALTORS®. Steven received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles, and his Juris Doctorate degree from Southwestern University School of Law. He has authored and teaches a number of Bureau of Real Estate approved continuing education programs. He has also authored other books and articles for the real estate community, including real property tax matters. He serves as a consultant, expert witness, arbitrator, and mediator. Steven was formerly Associate General Counsel of the California Association of REALTORS®, and Assistant General Counsel of California’s then largest brokerage. He is a frequent lecturer on real property issues and has participated as an instructor and panelist in numerous professional conferences for investors, brokers, and attorneys dealing with real property issues. You may contact Steven at sokolesq@gmail.com.

Student Comments
"Very knowledgeable instructor, very impressed as almost always with GRI classes, above and beyond."
- GRI course 108, Laguna Hills 08/13/2013
"*Terrific instructor* He's one of the best instructors to come across in my educational career."
- GRI course 108, Laguna Hills 08/13/2013
"Great class. Learned how important it is to continue my education in real estate... new policies, rules, regulations and laws...it is very important to inform my clients."
- GRI course 108, Pasadena  06/06/2012
"Steve possesses great & deep & personal knowledge of all R.E. issues. Great use of humor as well. "
Harold Zapata
- GRI course 105, Fresno 05/17/2012
"A wealth of knowledge and a great presentar...insight and years of experience enhanced this course."
Jay A. Conner
- GRI course 105, Thousand Oaks 01/21/2010
"Great class, excellent information. Everyone should take it and benefit from it. Knowledge is Power! "
Ray Fernandez
- GRI course 105, San Dimas 04/09/2009
"The instructor was very good and enthusiastic about the subject matter. The stories he told and his humorus nature made the class entertaining and informative. "
Shamar McKenzie
- GRI course 105, San Dimas 04/09/2009
"This class was flawless, very understanding and interesting. Great instructor...a must for all licensees. Thank you GRI! "
Ray Fernandez
- GRI course 105, San Dimas 04/09/2009
"Outstanding class!"
- GRI course 105, Laguna Hills 05/08/2007

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