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James F. Little, M.B.A., B.S., A.A., GRI, CCIM
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James F. Little, M.B.A., B.S., A.A., GRI, CCIM Jim has been California Real Estate Broker and Consultant since 1976. He holds an MBA degree with an emphasis in Finance in addition to a BS in Finance. He holds the GRI and CCIM designations. He has completed an IRC Section 1031 exchange involving 28-undivided interests in eleven properties. He is the developer of the Power Analy$I$™ and Computer Calc™ software programs that have enabled other real estate professionals to analyze critical investment and financing opportunities. Jim has authored many magazine articles and has contributed to a number of well-known real estate books. His contributions include sections of the Realty Bluebook: The Exchange Recapitulation Form; Hewlett-Packard HP-12C, HP-17/19BII Financial Calculator; and Yield Analysis. He frequently serves as an Advisor & Expert Witness in real estate court cases. The San Mateo County Superior Court appointed him as a Provisional Director of Real Estate Corporation. Jim holds a lifetime Community College teaching credential in Real Estate and Business. He has been an instructor since 1978 and is a Master Faculty Member of the California Association of REALTORS®. You may contact him at JamesFLittle@MSN.com or visit his website, www.1031.com.

Student Comments
"Jim is fantastic. He helps reduce complex ideas and calculation to an "approachable" perspective without being condescending to students. "
- GRI course 111WEBINAR 1 08/22/2017
"Jim is a wonderful teacher. His subject knowledge helps make complex theories easier to comprehend. His enthusiasm about teaching is apparent. I completely enjoy his classes. "
- GRI course 111WEBINAR 1 08/22/2017
"Great investment of my time!"
- GRI course 111, Pleasanton 12/19/2012
"Extremely knowledgeable instructor for a complex course. Great class."
Gaylon Thompson
- GRI course 111, San Jose  05/01/2012
"I was able to hang a lot of meat on my skeleton with this class."
Will Chandler
- GRI course 105, Bakersfield 05/21/2010
"Brilliant Instructor!"
Deborah Taylor
- GRI course 113, Bakersfield 01/27/2010
"Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!"
Martha Acosta
- GRI course 113, Bakersfield 01/27/2010
"One of the best taught courses in the GRI program. Instructor had a thorough understanding of what he relayed to the students."
JoAnn Schreiber
- GRI course 111, Pleasanton 12/09/2009
"Excellent, enjoyed the course and most useful for my day to day activities."
Legesse Woldemariam
- GRI course 111, Pleasanton 12/09/2009
"Very professional, accomplished & great instructor!"
- GRI course 113, San Luis Obispo 08/12/2009
"Super! Informative, inovative..."
Kelly Holcomb
- GRI course 105, Fresno 06/25/2009
"Fabulous class! I think all REALTORS should take this class, it should be mandatory!"
- GRI course 111, Santa Rosa 02/20/2009
"Very impactful - Solid data - A must take class!"
Joe Henderson
- GRI course 111, Santa Rosa 02/20/2009
"Jim, your passion was evident & powerful in teaching this course. Great job!!"
- GRI course 111, Santa Rosa 02/20/2009
"Outstanding course. I am just beginning in the investment side and Jim did a great job of taking a foreign subject and making it manageable. Thanks Jim! "
- GRI course 111, Pleasanton 12/17/2008
"Tough course taught with great care so we may understand the concepts. Thank you! "
- GRI course 111, Cupertino  11/27/2007
"This course was a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10! The instructor had a deep understanding of the material and explained it in a way that made the difficult concepts seem almost easy. "
Barbara Harriman
- GRI course 111, Cupertino  11/27/2007
""One of the best educational classes I have taken on a very complicated subject left me with the ability to perform my own analysis." "
Craig Cooper
- GRI course 111, Sacramento 10/11/2007

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