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James F. Little, M.B.A., B.S., A.A., GRI, CCIM
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James F. Little, M.B.A., B.S., A.A., GRI, CCIM

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Mar 17, 2021
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May 19, 2021
Jim has been California Real Estate Broker and Consultant since 1976. He holds an MBA degree with an emphasis in Finance in addition to a BS in Finance. He holds the GRI and CCIM designations. He has completed an IRC Section 1031 exchange involving 28-undivided interests in eleven properties. He is the developer of the Power Analy$I$™ and Computer Calc™ software programs that have enabled other real estate professionals to analyze critical investment and financing opportunities. Jim has authored many magazine articles and has contributed to a number of well-known real estate books. His contributions include sections of the Realty Bluebook: The Exchange Recapitulation Form; Hewlett-Packard HP-12C, HP-17/19BII Financial Calculator; and Yield Analysis. He frequently serves as an Advisor & Expert Witness in real estate court cases. The San Mateo County Superior Court appointed him as a Provisional Director of Real Estate Corporation. Jim holds a lifetime Community College teaching credential in Real Estate and Business. He has been an instructor since 1978 and is a Master Faculty Member of the California Association of REALTORS®. You may contact him at JamesFLittle@MSN.com or visit his website, www.1031.com.

Student Comments
"The class was fantastic - The instructor is brilliant!"
- GRI course 111WEBINAR 2 03/16/2018
"James is fantastic. The level of knowledge is incredible."
- GRI course 111WEBINAR 2 03/16/2018
"Jim is fantastic. He helps reduce complex ideas and calculation to an "approachable" perspective without being condescending to students. "
- GRI course 111WEBINAR 1 08/22/2017
"Jim is a wonderful teacher. His subject knowledge helps make complex theories easier to comprehend. His enthusiasm about teaching is apparent. I completely enjoy his classes. "
- GRI course 111WEBINAR 1 08/22/2017
"Great investment of my time!"
- GRI course 111, Pleasanton 12/19/2012
"Extremely knowledgeable instructor for a complex course. Great class."
Gaylon Thompson
- GRI course 111, San Jose  05/01/2012
"I was able to hang a lot of meat on my skeleton with this class."
Will Chandler
- GRI course 105, Bakersfield 05/21/2010
"Brilliant Instructor!"
Deborah Taylor
- GRI course 113, Bakersfield 01/27/2010
"Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!"
Martha Acosta
- GRI course 113, Bakersfield 01/27/2010
"One of the best taught courses in the GRI program. Instructor had a thorough understanding of what he relayed to the students."
JoAnn Schreiber
- GRI course 111, Pleasanton 12/09/2009
"Excellent, enjoyed the course and most useful for my day to day activities."
Legesse Woldemariam
- GRI course 111, Pleasanton 12/09/2009
"Very professional, accomplished & great instructor!"
- GRI course 113, San Luis Obispo 08/12/2009
"Super! Informative, inovative..."
Kelly Holcomb
- GRI course 105, Fresno 06/25/2009
"Fabulous class! I think all REALTORS should take this class, it should be mandatory!"
- GRI course 111, Santa Rosa 02/20/2009
"Very impactful - Solid data - A must take class!"
Joe Henderson
- GRI course 111, Santa Rosa 02/20/2009
"Jim, your passion was evident & powerful in teaching this course. Great job!!"
- GRI course 111, Santa Rosa 02/20/2009
"Outstanding course. I am just beginning in the investment side and Jim did a great job of taking a foreign subject and making it manageable. Thanks Jim! "
- GRI course 111, Pleasanton 12/17/2008
"Tough course taught with great care so we may understand the concepts. Thank you! "
- GRI course 111, Cupertino  11/27/2007
"This course was a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10! The instructor had a deep understanding of the material and explained it in a way that made the difficult concepts seem almost easy. "
Barbara Harriman
- GRI course 111, Cupertino  11/27/2007
""One of the best educational classes I have taken on a very complicated subject left me with the ability to perform my own analysis." "
Craig Cooper
- GRI course 111, Sacramento 10/11/2007

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