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Ignacio Gonzalez
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Ignacio Gonzalez Ignacio Gonzalez is a Land Use Planner in Healdsburg, CA in addition to serving as a Planner for 15 years with the Mendocino County planning and Building Services. Mr. Gonzalez is a member of the American Planning Association and has been in the field of Land Use Planning for over 18 years. His experience includes both urban and rural land use planning, including subdivision review, zoning administration, community general planning, redevelopment, environmental analysis, transportation planning, coastal review, and the administration of natural resources. His career has included planning work both in the private and public sector of both Northern and Southern California communities. Mr. Gonzalez received his Bachelor of Arts in Planning in 1985 at the Sonoma State University. He is also an Adjunct Instructor/Lecturer/Real Estate Coordinator with Mendocino Community College in Ukiah, CA. Ignacio has taught classes in Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practices, Appraisal, Finance, Property Management and Real Estate Economics. Developed and instructed a course titled "Understanding the Land Use & Permit Process" a DRE 3 Hour approved course through Dennis McKenzie Seminars. In 1999 was the recipient of Mendocino College President's Award (Adjunct Faculty) Outstanding Teacher. Has also been instrumental in developing and teaching a homebuyer's seminar in Spanish for the non-English speaking homebuyer.

Student Comments
"This is the best instructor I have had teach systems... I feel fortunate that I better understand construction thanks to him and having taken this class."
Hollie Felts-Howell, Better Homes and Gardens Mason McDuffie
- GRI course 112, Pleasanton 01/14/2014
"Ignacio Gonzalez's 30 years of experience was extremely beneficial to everyone in the class. His information and stories covered many years of home construction that was very helpful with my career."
Carina De Herrera
- GRI course 112, Pleasanton 01/25/2012
"Wonderful course due to EXCELLENT INSTRUCTOR!"
- GRI course 112, San Mateo 04/08/2010
"Excellent instructor!"
- GRI course 112, Bakersfield 12/11/2009
"Wonderfully educational. Building block for my real estate carrer."
Chuck Sweeny
- GRI course 112, San Luis Obispo 07/08/2009
"Friendly...Funny...and great visuals with power point and Knowledgeable"
Debbie Lee Lee
- GRI course 112, San Luis Obispo 07/08/2009
"Mr. Gonzalez is an excellent instructor. His experience and knowledge in this field was transferred to us. We learned so much... So useful not only as a realtor but also as a property owner. I highly recommmend this course and this instructor to everyone. "
T. Barry
- GRI course 112, San Jose  06/05/2009
"First time I've seen a class clap for an instructor. I learned more from this class than expected. Important topics which are essential to learn as a real estate agent or homeowner. I would recommend this course! "
Richard Sarro
- GRI course 112, San Mateo 04/09/2009
"Great class. I will use this information in my business daily. Great instructor. He had great tips and stories. "
- GRI course 112, San Mateo 04/09/2009
"Great class, you should market the class to builder's sales staff. It should be a required class for all agents. "
Kim Hutcheon
- GRI course 112, Santa Rosa 03/20/2009
"Excellent class! Up to date and informative from start to finish. "
Ann Sullins
- GRI course 112, Santa Rosa 03/20/2009
"I really enjoyed this course! Wish I had all of the knowledge that I learned today in the beginning of my real estate career. "
- GRI course 112, Cupertino  12/19/2008
"Very educational class with a lot of useful information that is not learned anywhere else. One of the best courses in the GRI series. "
Tony Banuelos
- GRI course 112, Cupertino  12/19/2008
"Excellent! Informative & Helpful!"
- GRI course 112, San Jose  06/03/2008
"...Really enjoyed Mac's experiences that he brought to the class and his demeanor."
Mireille Saylor
- GRI course 112, Pleasanton 01/23/2008
"Great class! Well worth taking the day off from a day of real estate. "
- GRI course 112, Cupertino  12/12/2007
"Tough course taught with great care so we may understand the concepts. Thank you! "
- GRI course 112, Cupertino  12/12/2007
""WOW, you certainly have the gifts of explanation, patience, teaching & fluidity. This is one of the best classes that applies to me daily. FABULOUS teacher!" "
Lety Espinoza
- GRI course 112, Sacramento 11/16/2007

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