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Gov Hutchinson
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Gov Hutchinson Gov Hutchinson is Assistant General Counsel and Staff Vice President of the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. He has been with C.A.R. since 1985 and manages C.A.R.'s Member Legal Services Program in Los Angeles. Gov advises REALTORS® through the "Hotline" on all aspects of real estate law and trains and supervises other "Hotline" attorneys. Received his Bachelor's degree in History from Princeton University and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. Gov has written for CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE magazine, co-authored C.A.R's continuing education courses and is a master instructor for the Education Division of C.A.R. with certification from the Department of Real Estate. He also regularly speaks to Associations/Board of REALTORS®, affiliated trade associations, city and county bar associations and major real estate firms. He is also a member of the Real Property Law Sections of the American, California and Los Angeles County Bar Associations.

Student Comments
"I really enjoyed the class, it was very informative and it was a great learning experience!"
Kevin Lee Dobbs
- GRI course 114, Bakersfield 07/25/2012
"Awesome class, I am going to tell my broker that all our agents should take this class. I learned tons!!"
- GRI course 114, Corona 04/01/2011
"Effective, concise, valuable!!"
- GRI course 114, Oxnard 02/18/2011
"Gov did a great job explaining the RPA, especially for someone like me, who is new to the business."
- GRI course 114, Anaheim  08/03/2010
"I found Mr. Hutchinson to be VERY professional and relevant yet VERY entertaining! He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and down-to-earth and simply an outstanding teacher!"
Kevin Keenan
- GRI course 114, Anaheim  08/03/2010
"Excellent!! Arguably the best presentation I've had so far in the GRI series, and I have already been impressed. I learned more than I expected..."
- GRI course 114, San Diego 06/25/2010
"Outstanding, Knowledgable & Witty presenter!"
- GRI course 114, San Diego 06/25/2010
"We are very fortunate that we have professionals like him [Gov Hutchinson]...!"
Jose Gallegos
- GRI course 114, Corona 04/09/2010
"Very well informed instructor with high level of experience."
Maria Powell
- GRI course 114, Corona 04/09/2010
"I have never enjoyed going through the purchase agreement as much as I have today."
Bent Golston
- GRI course 114, Fresno 03/25/2010
"Excellent job! This class should be taken by all agents. Informative, Interesting and well worth the time and cost. I Highly recommend this class!"
Mark Avedian
- GRI course 114, Visalia  11/04/2009
"I'm a 16 year old Real Estate licenseewho syas: "Simply Outstanding!" Great Job, Gov.! "
Fred Cassidy
- GRI course 114, Anaheim  08/04/2009
"Great class-should be mandatory for all agents. "
- GRI course 114, Anaheim  08/04/2009
"I have a much better understanding of the laws in Real Estate and how to better represent my client, after taking this course. It was well worth the money and time spent. "
Jessica Pusser
- GRI course 114, Anaheim  08/04/2009
"Best instructor ever!"
Sheila M. Brown
- GRI course 114, San Diego 06/26/2009
"An outstanding and knowledgeable instructor who made the class very interesting. "
- GRI course 114, Fresno 03/26/2009
- GRI course 114, Vista  10/18/2007
"Excellent Class, excellent instructor!"
Long Nguyen
- GRI course 114, Vista  10/18/2007

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