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Charles "Butch" Grimes
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Charles "Butch" Grimes Charles "Butch" Grimes is a past State President of the California Association of Real Estate Brokers (CAREB). Grimes grew up in South Los Angeles and earned a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the University of Redlands. He received his Graduate Realtor Institute? certification in 1996. Grimes initial introduction to real estate began thru purchasing, improving and selling distressed properties. Recognizing the needs in Los Angeles' underserved communities, Grimes established Team Equity LA Property and Management, Inc. In Team Equity, Grimes draws on his years of providing the education and tools necessary to transition from inner city property owners into property investors with management needs.

Grimes shares his considerable real estate knowledge in his weekly radio show "We Talk Real Estate with Butch Grimes" on KTYM, 1460 AM. He also writes a monthly column, "The Real Estate Insider" featured in L. A. Focus Magazine. He has received enumerable Certificates of Recognition with the California Association of Realtors from the U. S. House of Representatives and the California Legislature Assembly. Grimes has also been honored and recognized for his outstanding contributions and efforts on behalf of the community and government. Grimes' accomplishments, achievements and relentless passion to help others are embodied in his quote, "I see opportunity daily and I want others to have my vision."

Student Comments
"Great Interactive Class! Butch makes you "THINK OUT OF THE BOX". Great class to end 2010 & begin fresh with 2011."
Mary Ann Garcia
- GRI course 106, Anaheim  12/07/2010
"Butch was awesome at providing resources and information for our success."
Christy Rabe
- GRI course 106, Bakersfield 06/23/2010
"This class was great. i learned a lot of ideas to help me tink outside of "my box." This class should be required to all REALTORS...even if they aren't in the GRI program. Butch planned an effective lesson & brought it to life."
Angela Robinson
- GRI course 106, Bakersfield 06/23/2010
"Great class and instructor! Butch was very informative and presented the material in an understandable and funny manner. I am glad I finished my GRI series with his class. Great job! "
Shamar McKenzie
- GRI course 106, Laguna Hills 06/08/2010
"Best instructor in my 11 classes so far!"
- GRI course 106, Pasadena  04/07/2010
"Awesome class! Butch is full of useful tech info that will come in handy as I build my business."
Jeff Anderson
- GRI course 106, Anaheim  12/01/2009
"Fantabulous teacher!"
Pushpa Nagaraj
- GRI course 106, Anaheim  12/01/2009
"It was a very special day for me. It was the best class I ever attended since I became a realtor."
- GRI course 106, Anaheim  12/01/2009
"The instructor was you-nique!! I really enjoyed this course. Butch has some wonderful ideas and I would highly recommend this course to everyone!"
- GRI course 106, San Diego 10/23/2009
"Excellent instructor for this specific course. Absolutely the best instructor I have had the opportunity to learn from. Grimes Really knows how to think outside the box and does a good job of teaching that concept. GRI really came across a "WINNER" in this instructor. "
- GRI course 106, San Dimas 05/14/2009
"Absolutely the best instructor I have had the opportunity to learn from. Grimes really knows how to think outside the box and does a good job of teaching that concept. "
Bryan Reyes
- GRI course 106, San Dimas 05/14/2009
"A lot of useful and personal input that can help me into building myself and business better. Thank you! "
- GRI course 106, Anaheim  12/02/2008
"My personal "Thanks" to Butch for a job well done - informative, creative, humorous and educational."
Norm Barone
- GRI course 106, Anaheim  12/02/2008
"Before taking the course I was somewhat skeptical about how useful it would be. However, my expectations were exceeded incredibly. Mr. Grimes is truly an exceptional speaker."
Billy Ross
- GRI course 106, San Dimas 05/08/2008
"Butch is an excellent speaker. He made the class fun & made us interact like no other instructor has."
Michelle Gaona
- GRI course 106, Bakersfield 02/20/2008
"This was a great class. ...provided the most useful information... Super!"
- GRI course 106, Torrance 10/16/2007

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